About us

One of the companies that drive green economy in Greece forward, NEGAAK has been developing and operating Small HydroElectric plants in Northern Greece

We have been active in Energy for more than a decade and the experience that our members have gathered is  extremely valuable.

We believe in effective energy forms and we have heavily invested in Small Hydro Electric and Wind Energy projects. We have already build and are operating two Small Hydro Plants which are described in more detail in the other pages.

We have completed the licensing process of a Wind Farm located in Livadi, Olympus that has extremely good ratings so far and is set to be created in the next few years. We are open to discussing possible collaborations with other like minded investors and companies that share our vision and goals.

Our social responsibility plan has allowed us to contribute in local societies where our projects are located and improve everyday life for their citizens. Small tokens of this impact is the creation of a new water tank for irrigation purposes in the towns of Ritini and Vria, as well as the open and completely free WiFi network that we offer to the citizens of Karpi, a small town that didn't have any internet coverage so far.

We will keep doing our part in driving Greece and its economy forward and are ready to collaborate with other companies or person that share this philosophy.